Food Service

The Food Service Department provides students with nutritionally balanced, well-prepared meals at a low cost to the students.  As part of the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, each meal is planned to meet about one-third of a child’s daily nutritional needs for health, growth and development.  Because students are learning to make healthy food choices, menus are planned to help them make wise selections which they enjoy.  The wise selections in the district’s food service areas during the school day shall be offered with consideration for promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity.

The school breakfast and lunch programs in the elementary schools consists of four entrées, five different fruits and vegetables, grains and breads, and a variety of milk.  Students may choose one entrée, two items in the fruit and vegetable group, a grain or bread, and milk.  Students are encouraged to return for seconds of fruits and vegetables.  Desserts are occasionally part of the meal during the week.  The middle and high schools offer additional daily selections of healthy food items. 

The school breakfast cost is $1.65 and elementary school lunch cost is $2.90 in the school year of 2019-2020.  A variety of healthy a la carte items are available daily. Menus are published monthly and sent home with the students. Menus are also available at the school district Web site:

A computerized debit system is used for meal payments.  Money may be deposited into a student account for any amount.  This Point of Sale (POS) system eliminates the necessity of cash on a daily basis and allows the lines to move faster.  All students must have their meal cards with them when coming through the various meal lines.  Deposit slips are available in each school’s main office or cafeteria and must accompany each check or monies sent. The students are encouraged to give the money and deposit slips to the food service manager before the start of school. is a new Web site to prepay for your child’s school breakfast, lunch, and a la carte food items using your debit or credit card.  You will be able to check balances and fund the account from your own computer, phone, or fax 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  When a low balance is reached, money is automatically deposited.  There is $1.95 fee per each transaction.  An email will alert you of the low balance in the account.

 A student can charge a meal on an emergency basis only. Students must repay lunch charges the next day.

Applications for meal assistance are distributed to each family at the beginning of school.  Additional applications are offered in each building office and the Food Service office. Online application may also be made at